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Barefoot Training – Back to Basics

Barefoot Training – Back to Basics (0)

Use it or lose it! Barefoot training or 'natural running' has been gaining in popularity at a rate of knotts. It started as early as Greecian times where olympic athletes competed in the first marathon barefoot

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4 Week Training Programme

4 Week Training Programme (0)

You've been entered into a 10km obstacle race with four weeks to spare and you've done NO training. Never fear, here's a simple program to get yourself ready... Week 1 Day 1 3 km steady road run, 10

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Pullups for Girls

Pullups for Girls (0)

Training tips for nerds and birds... Guys don't understand how hard it is for the average girl to do even one pull-up, having been blessed with upper body strength they think it's easy and we are

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Build your own gym

Build your own gym (0)

Everyone wants to do their personal best on race day to know that all their training and hard work is paying off - and more importantly not be the schmuck lying face down in the

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Oh for the Love of Burpees

Oh for the Love of Burpees (0)

For those of you unfortunate enough to have been forced into more than 10 burpees at a time, I'm sure you've felt that SEETHING hatred for the exercise and whichever military fart who created it. 

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