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Lettie Adventure Challenge, brought to you by Obstacle Obsessed

Lettie Adventure Challenge, brought to you by Obstacle Obsessed (0)

The KwaZulu Natal South Coast will be playing host to the first ever Lettie Adventure Challenge at Umdoni Golf Club on 27 September 2014. Held in honour of Pennington local Nikki ‘Lettie’ Haynes, who recently

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Racing in a Team

Racing in a Team (0)

Obstacle Racing is so much more than just a sport, it's an adventure... and who wants to embark on a great adventure alone? Your triumphs will be achieved unoticed, your hardships will go unassisted except

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While few of us 'elect' a team leader the responsibility often falls naturally to the strongest athlete with the most experience. Sadly this is not always the wisest choice.This is to any would-be drill sergeants

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Raceday Checklist

Raceday Checklist (0)

• old trainers or trail shoes • old or cheap socks that you can throw away • wedgie-proof underwear (no really!) • shorts, tights or both • vest or shirt, nothing if you like • gloves are optional • race buff

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Hitting the Wall

Hitting the Wall (0)

Many of us consider this obstacle to be completely impossible for mere mortals. When you get closer it may as well be a skyscraper because there is no chance in your mind that you are

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