What is Obstacle Racing?

What is Obstacle Racing?

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What is Obstacle Racing?

You’ve heard your friends raving about obstacle racing but quite frankly it sounds more like cruel and unusual punishment to be avoided at all cost… but if you enjoy getting out in the open air, working muscles you never knew existed and testing your will power to the extreme then obstacle racing is all that and more in one big muddy nutshell…

 Haven’t done one before?

Don’t worry! The entry level options are very manageable, catered to the recreational or occasional sports people (by that we mean that they leave out the obstacles that’ll rip your arms out of their sockets). These shorter events are fantastic to run as a team – and I guarantee you’ll have much more fun and have more to talk about afterwards. Don’t stress yourself out if you don’t think you’re fit enough, you can do it in your own sweet time, as long as you have fun. Nobody is going to judge you if you want to take time out to help a team-mate or sit down for a breather.

This is where things get little more interesting…

The intermediate races are perfectly suited to athletes that have perhaps done a few of the beginner races and would like to take on something a little more challenging. These races include harder obstacles requiring more upper body strength, co-ordination and agility over a greater distance. The top level races are downright diabolical! These are around 15km to 25km and the obstacles have been designed by the devil himself to test the athletes bodies and minds beyond what should be humanly possible. Simply watching these men and women on the obstacles is exhausting!

Regardless of how you choose to test yourself, this will be some of the best fun you’ll have in your life and you’ll achieve things that you never thought possible!

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