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While few of us ‘elect’ a team leader the responsibility often falls naturally to the strongest athlete with the most experience. Sadly this is not always the wisest choice.This is to any would-be drill sergeants out there: Remember, you chose to race with this particular team so you must follow through with full dedication. This is why it’s a good idea to join a team of people with similar fitness levels, or it could be unpleasant for everyone.

It is common to see one team mate encouraging and pushing another, and while this is necessary to a certain extent, you must proceed with caution and learn when enough is enough. This is not actually a race and we’re not storming the beach at Normandy, it’s about completing the obstacles and EVERYONE having fun. This will not happen if one person is constantly being chased, shouted at and harassed to go faster when they are already maxed out. It’s a terrible feeling to have just caught up with a waiting team-mate and you’re looking forward to joining them for a breather, and as you get there they take off again. It’s VERY demoralising. It’s the poor oke at the back that needs the breather and he never gets one!

When an indivual under physical strain feels defeated or demoralised their brain releases cortisol which causes anxiety and slows the heart rate, it’s a basic survival mechanism to force us to quit before we die.

The simple act of leaving a person behind who is already struggling can cause this – so don’t do it! Help them, show them what to do, encourage them but DON’T drill them – and everyone can have fun.

Good Leadership Advice:

Race at the pace of the weakest person.
Put them in front to set the pace and let them slow down or walk if they have to.
Go through the obstacles first and help them at any opportunity.
Set targets like “We’re gonna run to that tree and then have a breather while we wait to do the obstacle OK!?”
If it’s really hot, encourage them to take time to dunk themselves under water to keep wet and cool, even if it’s very muddy water.
Let them walk up steep hills and breathe.
Lots of cheesy sport’s talk like “You got this!”
“Good job Man!!”, high fives and such.
If they fail an obstacle, try to keep them from getting flustered. Tell them they can do it, remind them that it’s not a race and they should calm down and have fun.

So if the role of leader ever falls to you, remember this advice and be a good one!

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