How to Register

How to Register

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How to Register

Hopefully you’ve been sold on this sport and you are keen to give it a try. But what if you’ve never done something like this before? Where do you even start?

• Firstly you can check out our calendar page to find a race in your area. If you are lucky enough to live in the Gauteng area you’ll be spoiled with regular events, you lucky buggers!

• Try to enter well in advance so you get a time slot that suits you. These races fill up fast, and don’t try enter later and get into the same batch as a friend who entered early because it ain’t happening.

• If you are racing in a team you’ll need to get that all organised so you can all enter at once.

• Have your credit card or cheque card with you for an online payment.

• If you do not have a race band or timing chip you will need to include that with your online entry. It’s usually an extra R50 or so, but you’ll use it for other races.

• You should receive an email confirming your entry. If you don’t, DO NOT enter again or you will likely pay twice. Wait a day or two, watch your bank account and then contact the organizers directly. The online entry systems are not perfect but they beat the HELL out of queing to pay cash and fill out forms on the day.

• REMEMBER which batch you are entered in!

• When you arrive on the day, go to the registration tent to collect your band, number or chip and have it progammed. If you already have a band it may be a good idea to check that it still scans correctly.

• When they call your batch number you head into the stocks and scan yourself in at the gate. Make sure to scan again when you cross the finish line.

• Head straight to the shower zone when you’ve finished your race – trust me, you’ll need it!

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