What you need for your first race

What you need for your first race

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What you need for your first race

RELAX!! You’re not invading Iraq, the gear you’ll need for an obstacle race is cheap, easy to find and will fit in a small day bag. You don’t need the latest sportsware, it’s not a fashion show and you don’t want to be skidding down a muddy bank in R900 racing tights. It’s worth your while using old stuff or just buy cheap sports gear.

Pants…Make sure your pants don’t restrict your knees, or worse – start falling off when they get wet. Do us all a favour, please don’t be that guy with baggy boxer shorts that keep falling down so we can see your crack… and do YOURSELF a favour by making sure the pants you choose wont chafe. Generally speaking tights are better, wear them under your shorts if you’re embarrased but really no-one cares. Your knees do get a bit scraped so ladies may prefer 3/4 tights.

Shirts… Vests or sleeveless shirts are generally cooler and more comfortable. Avoid big baggy t-shirts, when they get wet and full of mud they will drive you bonkers. Guys often go without shirts but if you are a bit of a porker or really hairy, shirts are compulsory – really, it’s in the rules I promise!

Shoes… When it comes to shoes there are excellent trail shoes available from R400. You don’t need to spend a fortune. Old running shoes work like a charm too. Just make sure you lace ‘em up good and tight because the deep mud will literally suck them right off your feet and you’ll never see them again. Racing with no shoes is only funny when it happens to someone else.

Noggins… Guys will be fine but ladies, keep your hair well tied back – I’m sure you’ve seen GI Jane and, while you don’t need to whip out the old buzz-cutters JUST yet, it can be a problem. Tie it up nice and tight and use a buff. Leave the sunnies in the car, once they get all muddied up you won’t see a thing! Give your eyes a chance to get used to the bright light without shades a few hours before hand.


As with any race you’ll want to wake up early and have a good breakfast. Aim to get to the venue at least an hour early and go to the registration tent to collect your race band, number or timing chip. Make sure you’ve had plenty to drink so you are nicely hydrated, but there are usually water points en route. It can help to carry an energy ‘gu’ or two, you usually take one 15 minutes before the race starts and carry another in case you start running out of go-go-juice. Remember your batch number because the announcers will call for your batch when it’s your turn to get muddy, get out there and have fun!

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