Build your own gym

Build your own gym

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Build your own gym

Everyone wants to do their personal best on race day to know that all their training and hard work is paying off – and more importantly not be the schmuck lying face down in the mud…

This involves finding ways of training the muscles needed for this sport which, lets face it, is ALL of them!… Unfortunately running around the block and gyming are not going to get you up that stupid wall, and the best way to train for a rope climb is to actually climb a rope! The trouble is, the old jungle gym in your moms back yard you used when you were eight is not going to help you, nor does your local gym have an 8ft wall, which leaves us in a predicament.

“F#!$ this, let’s build our own!”
What we needed was a simple home gym that incorporates as many of the basic elements as possible. With only 7 uprights and 3 beams we included a wall, a climbing rope, up-hill monkey bars, cargo net, a reverse climbing wall and a rope traverse. It was relatively easy to build, and with a few like-minded buddies to share the cost and effort it went up in only a few weeks.


A few things to consider…

Make sure the poles you buy are long enough to bury about a meter deep – with at least 3 meters of height, and the fatter the better.
Sand your poles well to remove all splinters, and give them a coat of wax sealer. Ours turned out to be much redder than we expected…oops.
The lime in cement will eat even treated poles, so avoid using it or wrap your poles in plastic first. We prefered diagonal bracing for support – you can add things onto them to make it more interesting, and you can unbolt and dig the poles up easily if you have to move it.
Use large coach bolts to join the timbers, they are extremely strong, easy to install and to remove. Avoid nails!
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