Pullups for Girls

Pullups for Girls

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Pullups for Girls

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Guys don’t understand how hard it is for the average girl to do even one pull-up, having been blessed with upper body strength they think it’s easy and we are just being a bunch of naffies. So this is a how-to article for girls (and some less strapping guys) to build up the strength and technique to do the perfect pull-up. This process will take time, so you will need to be patient and build up your strength with these exercises…

Find yourself a suitable bar to train on with an adjustable step to reach easily. You must be able to reach the bar with a slightly bent arm and it should be thin enough to close your hand around. Consider trying gloves to avoid the horrendous callouses that will ensue.

Pull-upYou will firstly need to know the difference between a chin-up and a pull-up. A chin-up (right-top) is done with the hands facing towards you and closer together. It’s quite a bit easier than the pull-up so use it as a prelude to the pull-up to build your upper body strength. This exercise will help with rope climbs.

Sadly it’s the pull-up (right-bottom) we need to learn if we ever plan on doing wall climbs. This is done with hands facing forward, further apart and it’s significantly harder to do, so don’t expect to be able to do one straight away.

scrunchStart with Shoulder Scrunches
While holding the bar, hands apart facing forward, drop your weight down to hang on your arms and relax the shoulder muscles completely. Your arm length will increase as the shoulder opens up. Then take the slack back up again by pulling up using only your back and shoulders, DO NOT bend your arms. This is a tough exercise by itself and an excellent preliminary to the pull-up. It may hurt a bit at first or you may not be able to to it all, it may make you feel like a contortionist, but keep trying and you’ll work it out. It really is worth it later you’ll see!

WHEN you feel that you are ready to give it a go, we need to cheat a little to start off with. Loose the step so that you take a LITTLE jump and use the momentum to get up. It is easier but we need this at first. Just try one at a time, jump, lift yourself slowly, pause and let yourself down slowly, then let go. Keep doing this for as long as you feel it’s necessary..

Do this with both chin-ups and pull-ups. You may feel more confident and comfortable doing the chin-up, you’ll soon see how much easier it is, but try to do both.

Pull-up2Bent-Arm Hangs
This is a great exercise to gain strength. Hold yourself with your arms at 90 degrees for 10 seconds at a time.

Ready for the Big Leagues!
When you are able to do the jump-ups easily, you will need to progress onto the proper pull-up. If you can’t reach the bar you’ll need a box so you don’t jump. Use a box that is slightly too high to start off with, pulling up from a fully extended arm is REALLY hard. Start with a slightly bent arm.

Pull yourself up to your collar bones, pause and let yourself down and let go. When you are doing these comfortably you can start doing more than one. Pull yourself up, pause, let yourself down to about half way, pause and go back up again. If you can do this you are in the big leagues baby!! Add reps as you get stronger. By the way you’ll likely be sporting a pair of MAN-shoulders by now…

The last goal to aim for is the full pull-up, meaning you allow your body all the way down before you pull-up again, This is where the shoulder scrunches will really come in handy because that is the important first part of lifting from a full extension. You will really struggle to get up without doing the shoulder scrunch first.

So there you have it girls! No more excuses, with good exercise and proper techinque you can do the perfect pull-up!

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