The Tim Noakes Lifestyle in a Nutshell

The Tim Noakes Lifestyle in a Nutshell

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The Tim Noakes Lifestyle in a Nutshell

Nutrition in general is a highly controversial topic to broach.  These days every doctor/nutritionist has their own ‘ideal’ eating plan for physically active people.  Tim Noakes seems to be the current worldwide diet obsession, but why is it so controversial?

Uber-fit, Zimbabwean born Professor Tim Noakes is a world-class medical researcher who has turned dietary theories on their head. He has rejected his previous thoughts of ‘carbo-loading’ in favour of eating a low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet. This is so against mainstream thought that it has been received with anger and ridicule by his peers in the medical profession. Noakes states that this is an eating plan for life, which will give you better health and greater longevity.

He also claims that obesity and diabetes is caused by a worldwide over-carbohydrated diet.  Noakes suggests that you cut down on sugary drinks (including sweetened fruit juices), bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, porridge, breakfast cereals, high energy fruit like bananas, confectionery and desserts.

Noakes’ theory is less of a ‘let’s lose some weight’ diet and more of a lifestyle change in its entirity. This change in lifestyle will involve some sacrifices, but the awesome results will speak for themselves.

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