Training While Sick – when tough becomes stupid

Training While Sick – when tough becomes stupid

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Training While Sick – when tough becomes stupid

It’s absolutely soul-destroying – you’ve been doing SO
well with your training, losing weight, feeling fit and are ready for the big race. Then bugger ! – you wake up with that tell-tale tickle in the back of your throat and you just KNOW you’ve caught a cold from that a-hole at work. Thanks a lot, you suck!

So it’s four days till the race you’ve been training so hard for and you’re sick, now what? Do you just throw your hands up in defeat, grab the hot water bottle, your blankie, nose spray and hit the couch? We’ve ALL faced this dilemma at some stage and have been tempted to smash a bottle of Floobegon in our face and hope it goes away, but is this the wise thing to do?

It depends entirely on what you may have. It helps if you know the bastard you caught it from. It can’t hurt to ask the plague-spreader if he has seen a doctor and can tell you what it is. Usually it’s a common cold but not always. If you are running a fever, exercise can be dangerous as it will push your internal temperature up, sometimes into the danger zone. If you are above 38ºC then don’t do it.

If it’s all above the neck, sniffling, sore throat, itchy ears and burny eyes then you’ll be ok. Take some meds and go ahead with the race! But take it easy and let your body tell you what is enough. HOWEVER, if you are having trouble breathing, coughing exessively, muscle-aches, chills, elevated heart rate or dizzyness then rather give it a miss, it’s not worth it.

Something else to bear in mind is that when you are ill your body’s ability to burn fat and grow muscle becomes inhibited, so don’t bother with training it won’t help your fitness or weight loss anyway. You likely won’t be sick for long if it’s not serious so take a week off to rest properly and start again slowly.

Avoid getting sick before a race in the first place. Eat well, take multi-vitamins and nun-chuck anyone that LOOKS at you with a cold…

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